Brasserie Bread is rising to new heights with their fresh brand image, flagship cafe refurbishment and commitment to continuing single origin, sustainable farming partnerships.

By developing and maintaining strong relationships with Australian farmers, Brasserie Bread have achieved an un-matched product offering of single-origin sourced wheat and untainted ingredients. Brasserie Bread is proud to be the only bakery in Australia offering an entire bread range that is single origin produced.

Michael Klausen, co-founder of Brasserie Bread prides himself in artisan baking and aligning with the highest quality producers for his ingredients. They are working directly with farmers from renowned wheat-growing regions such as the Southern Flinders Ranges and Gwydir Shire, to craft a milled flour perfect for sourdough.

“We’ve found the success in our offering is the fact that we have a strong understanding of our inputs and we are very strict about what we put into our produce.

“I searched for five years looking for the best wheat to use in the bread that we bake. Working with single origin farmers has resonated in our customers’ appreciation for our high quality, consistency and taste,” said Klausen.

Andrew Byerlee is one of the farmers from Flinders Ranges Premium Grain, who has found the single origin farming relationship with Brasserie Bread a mutually beneficial one that has matched with ideals.

“By working with Michael, I’m able to carry on traditional farming and new sustainable farming techniques, which has minimum impact on farming. This is a priority over profits. I want to leave the farm in better form than when I first started farming on it,” said Byerlee.

The Brasserie Bread menu features all single origin grain breads which carry unique tastes – all because of the region the wheat has been grown.

“By continuing our strong relationships with the wheat farmers and working with them to deliver the best products that we can, we will endeavour to create food with uncompromisingly high standards and tastes that can be pinpointed to our ingredient selection.  Like the farmers we source our wheat from, we are balancing traditional methods with technological advances to make the finest quality bread possible.  We need everybody to be a part of this change, this movement: farmers, artisan bakers, scientists, millers, seed breeders, and consumers,” said Klausen.