What is more Australian than fish and chips? Across Australia, every town and city boasts a takeaway or fish and chip shop.

But who can lay claim to having Australia’s best fish and chips? The search has started and the competition is sure to be fierce.

The Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Anne Ruston, announced the start of the 2017 Australian Fish and Chips awards at Parliament House.

Sustainable Seafood Day was a great time to kick of the search and remind seafood consumers that Australia’s fish and chips are the best because our fisheries are the best.

“Eating fish and chips is something that pretty much every Australian can relate to,” says Peter Horvat, the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation’s Communications, Trade and Marketing Manager. “For us, it provides a common thread to connect with people to tell the story of Australia’s fisheries.”

It doesn’t matter if its battered barramundi from the north, flake from Victoria, or garfish from South Australia, there is a fish for all occasions and tastes. The search for Australia’s favourite fish and chips is about encouraging everyone to have their say.

Everyone has a story about fish and chips, whether it is eating them on the beach or the Friday night family feed. Fish and chips is intrinsic to who we are and we should not forget the fishers and farmers who make that possible.

“Australia has some of the best managed fisheries resources in the world. Managed on the best available science to ensure that everyone can get a feed.”

Fish and chips shops and consumers are urged to get online and vote for their favourite via the Awards website.

This story was first published in Leading Agriculture magazine.