Austchilli, Australia’s largest chilli company and makers of AvoFresh have delivered the ultimate summer snack with the launch of Muchas Gazpacho – Australia’s first range of gazpachos. Gazpacho, pronounced guh-spah-choh, for those of who aren’t in the know, is a Spanish soup made of raw blended vegetables and served cold.

Made with whole vegetables (from seed to skin), Muchas Gazpacho isn’t filtered like juice, so it’s chunky and dense, more like a smoothie than a soup, making it the perfect guilt free on the go snack or no fuss nutritious meal.

Trent De Paoli, creator of Muchas Gazpacho found inspiration for the range when travelling throughout Spain several years ago. “Gazpacho is the perfect summer meal or snack – refreshing and delicious. It’s a bonus that it’s full of veggies and really good for you.

There’s nothing like gazpacho in Australia and there are plenty of health-conscious people looking for simple, healthy, on the go food.”

Muchas Gazpacho is made in Bundaberg, Queensland, using fresh local produce and authentic Spanish recipes. The range has four refreshing flavours – Clasico (Tomato & Cucumber), Verde (Avocado), Rosa (Beetroot) and Naranja (Tomato, Cucumber with Chilli, Garlic & Basil).

Muchas Gazpacho has three serves of veggies in every bottle, which is more than half the recommended daily vegetable intake. With two out of three Aussie adults not eating enough veggies each day, Muchas Gazpacho is an easy and tasty way to eat more of the right stuff.

The Muchas Gazpacho range is available in 250ml bottles and will RRP for $4.99.

Muchas Gazpacho will be available in Queensland at Woolworths, selected Coles stores and Independent supermarkets from 1st November 2017.

Source: Austchilli

Image courtesy of Austchilli