Australia is looking to expand our wine exports through a stronger trading relation with the European Union (EU).

Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, The Hon Steven Ciobo has announced that Australia had completed a joint scoping exercise with the EU on a future Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two economies. This is an important first stage in any FTA negotiation where the initial boundaries are stet prior to commencing negotiations.

Australian Wine is already in a strong trading position with the EU through the Australia European Community Agreement on Trade in Wine (The Wine Agreement). The Wine Agreement simplifies a number of technical barriers to trade related to winemaking technique, labelling, certification and protection of Australian Geographical Indications.

‘This FTA can further build on our strong relationship with Europe and continue to simplify trade through reducing non-tariff barriers and removing tariffs on Australian wine exports to Europe’ said Tony Battaglene, Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA) Chief Executive.

‘Our FTA’s are pivotal to improving Australian business’ access to international markets. We will continue to work closely with the Australian government and support all efforts to remove barriers to trade and improve opportunities for Australian wine exports.’